Orama Community Update - July '23
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Community Updates
July 01, 2023

Orama Community Update - July '23

Orama community update July 2023

Welcome to the monthly blog series where we bring you up to speed on recent happenings in the Orama community and celebrate noteworthy milestones.

๐ŸŽ‰ New features

  • Moved stop-words to a separate package (#419)
    Stop-words are now available as a separate package, allowing the Orama core to be smaller and more focused.
  • Added afterSearch hook (#412)
    You can now use the afterSearch hook to perform actions after a search has been executed.
  • Docusaurus plugin: open search with CMD+K (#420)
    You can now easily open the search box by using the CMD+K keyboard shortcut.
  • Docusaurus plugin: added support for multiple docs versions (#404)
    We now support multiple documentation versions in Docusaurus!

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Notable Fixes

  • Throw error on unknown filter field (#415)
  • fix the build of Astro Plugin on Windows OS (#406)

Check out the Orama releases page on GitHub to learn more.

โœจ Community Contributions

A few quick shoutouts to the following community members who contributed to this month's releases:

๐Ÿ† Community Rewards

Orama community rewards

Is your organization using Orama to solve interesting search problems? Have you contributed to Orama, written an article, made a public talk or made a YouTube video? Share your success story at info@oramasearch.com and claim a box of community rewards as a thank you!

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What's Next?

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